Pro and Cons of Magnetic Door Locks

Security is always priority on a house owner’s mind for reasons that are quite obvious. You are sure to come across a whole lot of alternatives when it comes to locks for your door; the magnetic door lock is a quite new entrant to the market and you might think about getting it installed.

Pros of magnetic door lock

1. They are very sturdy and secure when compared with unadventurous locking options. They will finally break if subjected to blunt force, but automatic locks will break quicker. Locksmith Austin can easily deals with magnetic door lock.

2. They have no moving parts and therefore they cannot wear or break. As such, they are almost indestructible and do not require a lot of maintenance. Their running costs are also very low and they do not add a lot to your electricity bills.


1. They are expensive when compared to automatic locks. Besides, they need extra hardware in order to work more efficiently and this can increase costs even more.

2. They are not always simple to install and it takes a really experienced locksmiths to get the job done. However, this predicament is limited to shear magnets.